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Glass Tube

Straight Drying Tube

We are successfully engaged in providing a wide range of Straight Drying Tube.

Drying tube is a tube like piece of apparatus used to keeping the vessel free of moisture, often ised in organic syntheses.There is usually a standard joint for use in connecting the drying tube to a reaction flask.

In use, the drying tube is filled with a rechargeable desiccant such as calcium chloride and the open end of drying tube is partially blocked

This straight tube with a bulk desiccant chamber is useful as a molecular sieve for running anhydrous reactions. The stem is designed for use with a Ransil Glass adapter or a rubber stopper. Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass.

Straight drying tubes are flint glass with one bulb and require a stopper. They come in two sizes.