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Weighing Bottles

Gas Washing Bottle

Gas washing bottle with standard taper 45/50 cap style stopper and fritted disc angled at 15° for even distribution of gas throughout absorbing material. Available with a coarse or extra coarse fritted disc. Order plastic clip separately.

Our wash bottles are made from low-density polyethylene and have raised graduations to mark the amount of solution in the bottle. The nozzle and its straw are built into the cap of the bottle giving them a tight, leak-proof seal. We carry several sizes. Our weighing bottles are made from Ransil Glass.

gas washing bottle is a lab device whose primary use is to inject a stream of gas through a liquid, in a closed flask

Wash Bottles are made of Low-Density Polyethylene which gives these bottles a translucent & unbreakable character. Solutions can be poured easily by squeezing the bottle lightly. The cap is fitted with a flexible polyethylene delivery tube which can be aimed wherever required.